Greetings, artists!
Today we’ll be continuing on from last week’s discussion on weapon customization.


◆ Recap

First, a simple recap.
In this game, weapon customization feels more like making weapons.
We explained that different modules determine the weapon’s properties, but as a general rule, heavier weapons are more powerful.
And as with the customization of the robot, it is possible to use joints to add various aesthetic features to the weapon.


◆ Special Abilities

One cool feature of weapon customization is the existence of special modules.
Taking the previous example of the “guidance” (homing) property: the “missile” which appeared in the first game as sub-equipment can be created from scratch in BREAK ARTS II.
Currently there are 3 types: un-guided, semi-guided, and completely guided. The last of these will make your shots home in like a missile.

This image is an example of a module with complete guidance.

However, there are naturally drawbacks to employing the use of special abilities.
With complete guidance, the robot will have to make other sacrifices, such as its ability to cope with overheating, increased energy consumption and/or weight, or a lower rate of fire.


◆ Special Amp Modules

Last time, we explained that amp modules increase the strength of your bullets.
To be more precise, they change the properties of your bullets, thus making them stronger.

The module in the image above not only strengthens your bullets; it also can change the type of the weapon itself.
In this case, equipping this module will change your weapon from a ranged shooter to a trap-laying weapon.


◆ About Traps

Traps are generally deployed behind you to ensnare those in pursuit.
*If you throw it in front you’ll run straight into it, so be sure to fix the muzzle to the back of your robot.


◆ And Finally

That’s all for today on weapon customization.
There’s plenty of other aspects we haven’t touched upon yet, please look forward to that next time!

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