Greetings, artists! Thank you for your patience.
Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be going into detail about weapon customization!


◆ Weapon Customization

The robot customization system involved a lot of work, and weapon customization is no less complex.

As a rule, the heavier a weapon, the more powerful it is. Since this is a racing game, more weight means less speed.
Determining how much weight you can allow for, while following your own strategic and aesthetic tastes is what weapon customization is about.


◆ Basics of Customization

Just as with customization of the robot itself, weapon customization involves attaching parts called Modules to a Core Module.

Here is an example of a Core Module,

to which Modules can be attached or removed.

As with robot customization there are “Joint Modules”, and as mentioned previously “Moving Joints” to which you can apply movement settings.
Of course, these joint modules have no weight and have no effect on performance, even for weapons.


◆ Creating Weapons

Talking about weapon customization in BREAK ARTS II, it might be better to say weapon “creation”.

Let’s take a look at the process.


[How to create weapons]

  1. Create bullets (emitter module)
  2. Enhance firepower (amp module)
    *Not essential
  3. Energy conservation (generator, capacitor)
    *Think of the capacitor as a kind of battery
  4. Eject excess heat (cooling system)
  5. Add extra features(guidance system, etc.)

These modules give the weapon its functionality.
For example, a strong amp module (2) greatly enhances attack power. A powerful generator/cooling system (3/4) will give you a higher rate of fire.

It might sound a little complex, but the finished game will include presets.
We recommend making small adjustments to these to get a feel for how the system works.

Next time, we’ll be covering special abilities!


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