Greetings artists!

There’s less than two weeks left until BREAK ARTS II releases.
We’re running around headless trying to get this and that done before then.

I’m both grateful and overwhelmed at the endless lines of attendees the game has drawn in at Taipei Game Show. The reception has been truly ecstatic.

This time we have a GIF for you of that long-standing pain in our development sides that is Course 4. This shot encapsulates this course’s reversal of up and down with scenic perfection.

Oh, that reminds me. We mentioned that we’d like to run a unit design contest in the lead-up during the recent live broadcast.The game allows for a wide range of customization, so I’m sure you’d relish the chance to show off your creations, no?

We’ll have specifics on the contest in the near future, but get those creative juices flowing in the meantime!


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