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Today we have THE announcement you’ve all be waiting for. A year and a half or so must have passed since development on BREAK ARTS II began, and we’re delighted to share today’s news with the fans that have stuck with us through this time, as well as those who’ve just joined us.

BREAK ARTS II will release on February 9, 2018!
You read that right: February 9, 2018!

All hands at the hot bed of development (well, my home) are busy with debugging, balance adjustments, optimization, and localization, in preparation for the upcoming release. And we’re not quite through adding additional content either… We just have to find the time to cram it in.

The game will go on sale for $14.99 (or ¥1480).
Not to tout our own horn, but we’re confident it’s stocked with enough content to justify that price twice over.
As far as I know there’s no other game that let’s you build humanoid robots with such relative ease, while also allowing for each robot to be unique from the next person’s. And I’m nearly certain there’s none that let’s you battle race them on top of that like this gem does. We may be appealing to a niche, but we’re filling a void in that niche that no other game can.
If you know people who fall into that niche than don’t hesitate to turn them on to this game.

I’ll leave you all here with the newest trailer.


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