Greetings, artists!
Since the Japanese blog had the final update on Dec 31st but the translation was not ready, we combine them both to have a big update today!

So, for Dec 31st…
This week, I was working on the final adjustment to make it looks like a “game”. And it is working pretty well so far.
Right now, the single play mode is being adjusted in various ways. I hope I can finish this before 2018…

Since I’m mainly working on the system, there is nothing fancy to show you.. therefore, please see these new poses.
Users who played the Demo might know it already, but we couldn’t set the pose after the race. It was only available in the edit mode.

Upon implementing the customizable pose feature, I added 4 new poses as shown below;

By the way, I have a big news for the fans in Asian countries, especially for China and Taiwan!
BA2 joins the Taipei Game Show 2018 starting from Jan 25th!
Unfortunately myself cannot attend this one, but I really hope we can find many artists there!

Then for the Jan 5th update…
Finally the year of the release has come.
Well… I remember I’ve said the same thing last year, but this time, it’s real.
I cannot tell yet about the exact release date, but I’m working on the final adjustment.

The development studio (a.k.a. my house) is a mess.
Before cleaning my room, I have to finish designing the course 4…

Anyway, the biggest update for this week is, the completion of the single play mode!
Of course I’ll keep working on editing bit by bit, but there is no problem with playing this mode.
The video below is introducing some race scene from this single mode.

It’s not done yet! I’ll keep working on this until the very end!
I’ll be happy if artists can propagate the game to your friends or acquiantances!


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