Greetings, artists!

Welcome to this week’s DevLog.

With everything going on, we’ve switched up the schedule.
SteamSDK implementation has been pushed back, and we’ve been fixing gameplay bugs, searching for ways to adjust game balance issues, adding new modules, and stuff like that.

Anyway, this is the 2nd lap on our four-course introduction, so allow us to introduce course 3 (a wide course fit for heavy-duty machines).

We created this in the image of Break Arts-style badlands.
I really like breaking ground, personally.

◆Release Date

We’re finally able to provide some info on the release date!
Thank you all so much for purchasing BA2 items and supporting the smartphone version.
Thanks to all your support, we were able to stretch the release date, and currently we should be able to release the game around the beginning of 2018/by the time winter ends.

If you simply just can’t wait that long, the trial version is still available, so in the meantime please play that to your heart’s content.
If you can’t use Google Drive or download the file, please use the below link:


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