Greetings, artists!

This week, we completed work on 3 new courses. (They might need some final adjustments though.)
We hit a road block with the remaining new course, so that will be put off for a while.

Our work for December is not particularly visually exciting, so over the next 4 weeks we will be uploading test races for the new courses!

Now, which course to show off first…
Let’s start with course 5, with lots of straights that make it perfect for high-speed machines!

We expect everyone to shoot through this course, so we are taking care to keep corners visible.
The sense of speed is reduced by having a wide road, but we can counter this by bringining the ceiling height lower.

As for next week, we had better get started with implementing the game into Steam.
We should probably make sure that we can still load up the game locally after implementing the Steam SDK…


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