Greetings, artists!

Thank you to all who attended Degige!
I was very happy to also see those of you who had played before at Tokyo Game Show.

As for this week’s development update, we’ve continued working on the new race courses.
We need to finish our work on these new courses before we can attend to other things.

Well then, here is our obligatory sneak-peek!
First of all, course 3 (a wide road, with many straights to boost down).

The graphics are gradually coming together nicely.
These are the badlands of the Break Arts universe.
The final step is to implement shadowing and reflection that will dramatically improve the visual quality.

Next up, a short introduction to course 6 (a course that is tricky to make use of weapons on).

There’s a reason we call this stage “Break Arts Land”…
We took a number of robots from the smartphone version and put them in the course as surrounding objects.

We plan to have 2-3 course finished by next week!
Stay tuned for more.

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