Greetings, artists!

With the season changing, we’re experiencing a sharp rise and drop in temperature each day here in Japan.
We have to be careful as it’s easy to get sick during these periods.

To be honest, I caught a cold myself.
Talk about great timing…

◆ New race courses

As mentioned in the previous update, we’re working on new courses!
They’re still in development and we’re steadily raising their quality.

The first has many straight paths making it easy to reach max speed.
But the real test of skill comes at a hair-pin curve in a critical location.

And here’s the second!

You see the shape of the course in the top right?
This course doesn’t have an official name yet, but I call it Break Arts Land.
It’s not the most difficult course, but with so many corners it makes it difficult to use semi-guided weapons.

◆ Announcement

We’ll be participating in Degige at UDX Akihabara on November 12th!
You will be able to play BREAK ARTS II Time Attack Mode, come on down!

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