Greetings, artists!

Degige is coming up and it’s a very busy time in general.
Getting frantic is not a good thing during game development, so I wish we could do something about that…

Anyway, this week we’ve added some slightly more bendy races courses!
We will continue working on these into next week.
For now, here are 2 snippets of what’s to come:

One is a technically challenging course; the other has a wide road for smooth cruisin’.
The full circuits are complete, so we are waiting to see how they fare at the test-play meetup.

◆ Announcements

We’re doing another broadcast!
We’ve gained many new followers who took an interest in the game from the demo.
This is the perfect time for us to give you a full run down on the BREAK ARTS II experience.
If the new courses are ready by then, we might be able to give you a preview of those too!
November 4th (Saturday) 9PM, Japan time.

MercuryStudio will also be exhibiting the game at Degige on November 12th!
Those of you couldn’t make it to TGS, please come on down and try out Time Attack mode.
Of course, it will be the latest, most up-to-date version of the game.

On November 11th (the day before Degige) we will hold a test-play meetup for checking the game’s balancing and for glitches and bugs.
We would be extremely grateful for your cooperation!
We have a form for applying, so please fill it out here:
Applications need to be made within the month, so please apply as soon as possible!

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