Greetings, artists!

Did you have fun playing the BREAK ARTS II Customization Demo?
Afraid you’ll soon run out of modules to play with?
In the release version we’ll have unlockable modules and further additional modules to come!
We hope you will add BREAK ARTS II to your wishlist!

The Demo is still available for download!
Assemble various different parts to create your own personal robot.

◆ Development Update

We made a lot of progress this week.
Controller vibration function added, first-person perspective added, Assist modules implemented… etc etc.

The controller vibration is no afterthought.
It has a huge sensory impact that makes you feel like you are in the race.
Especially the tremor upon activating your boost really gets the adrenaline going!

Next, first-person perspective.

Depending on how you customized your robot, you might end up with some parts obstructing your view. So we tried adding a feature that lets you alter the camera position.
There are four types: standard view, slightly behind, first person, and true first-person mode.
The final “true first-person mode” lines up your view as closely as possible with the robot’s line of sight. It is probably best used for casual play, being the most realistic, but most likely to induce dizziness and therefore least practical camera perspective.
For those who like to impose self-restrictions…

And finally, the addition of Assist modules!
At this point we’ve finished the base line for what needs to be done; we would love to add many more of these before release, if possible.
Ah yes, I created a GIF for the infamous Canon module:

What kind of machine would you attach this to?

◆ Announcement

MercuryStudio is exhibiting at the Degige event on the 12th of November!
Those of you who couldn’t make it to TGS, this is your chance to try Time Attack!
Of course, this will be the latest rendition, so you’ll be able to enjoy the vibration function too.

On the day before (November 11th) we will hold a game testing event to check the game balancing and general debugging.
We would be very grateful if you would participate in this!
We have prepared a registration form, so you can apply here:
Sign Up Here
Applications need to be made within the month, so please apply as soon as possible!



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