Greetings, artists!


The other day we finally released the customization demo, which brought about so much excitement, more than I even expected.
I’m so happy. Thank you so much.
Although we have not set the end-of-distribution date, this demo will not be available forever.
Please be quick if you would like to get your hands on it!

For those of you who are currently playing the demo, I’m sure you feel some frustration.
“If only I could use that module”… “I want to take my robot for a test drive…” and such.
We cannot say *anything* will be possible, but the majority of your wishes will be granted in the release version!
Please do add BREAK ARTS II to your wishlist.

Here are the issues we have found with the customization demo:

  • Forgot to include explanation that you can apply decreased speed to constantly rotating modules.
  • For moving joints, if the start and end is set to the same value it acts strangely.
  • For some reason rotating moveable joints on weapons have their own parameters.

Those are the issues we have found.
Please let others know about them.

On Twitter you can share your creations using the tag: #breakarts
I’m looking forward to seeing creations that exceed my imagination. To tell the truth, I really just want to start playing myself.

◆ Development Update

Let’s pick up from where we left off.
The Blade is now finished.
Visually-speaking there’s nothing new to show, so I’ll paste the GIF that wasn’t included last time:

Its lock-on potency was too high, so we’re making adjustments.
Its swinging motion will be smoother than it is now.

After playtesting for a while, the most awesome moment was spinning around as opponents approached from behind and striking them with the Blade.
I can’t get enough.

Next up, new features!
We’re implementing the assist modules that weren’t getting due attention.
Let’s take a look at the modules themselves, as their behavior during the race is not yet finalized.

So what is an assist module? These are modules attached to the robot that have a special function.
For example, increasing the effectiveness of your brakes, or adding a virus to your attacks.

Without further ado, here are some assist modules confirmed for the game!

1.Autopilot module

We decided to implement an idea from a certain module design competition.
Since in this game there is the ability to turn and face backwards, this module will make that feature more useable for beginners.
I made the design something resembling a data card.

2.??? module

A module that gives off a dangerous smell.
You will be able to discover its effect in the game.

3.Giant canon module

Don’t you just love it?
This baby shoots projectiles that cause a massive explosion upon impact.
You might get to see a preview next week!

By the way, this is what the module looks like when you equip it.

Of this badassness, we approve.


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