Greetings, artists!
Here is this week’s development update, and our report for Tokyo Game Show 2017.

◆ TGS (Tokyo Game Show)

First let’s talk about Tokyo Game Show 2017.
This was our first time to participate at TGS. We often show up at events like Comicket so we felt ready for TGS, but spoke to soon…
Let’s just say I had to use my voice quite a lot. It was pretty hoarse for a couple of days after I got back, and even now doesn’t feel quite back to normal!

However, it turned out that sacrificing my voice would be totally worth it.
We were able to introduce BA2 to so many people. Fans of the first game, people discovering BREAK ARTS for the first time, various media outlets and people working in the games industry. Now they all know of the crazy developer that is MercuryStudio!

We heard that BA2 was received very well at PAX in America. I hadn’t been there to see it with my own eyes so in truth, I was a little nervous leading up to TGS. As soon as the show began, however, I realized my fears were groundless, though the response also indicates how much anticipation surrounds the game. I intend to pursue a BA2 that will live up to both your expectations and my own ideal vision of what the game can be.

People were queuing up at the BA2 booth. To think the time would come for me to help out with queues for my game… I’m so happy.
Many thanks to all who came.

A side note: there was one mystery at TGS yet to be solved.
How was someone able to beat my 83.30 record in Time Attack mode?

◆ Development Update

Among the feedback received at both TGS and PAX, something that often came up was:
“I’d like to try customization, but it seems complicated.”
It’s not like we’re all former Ravens here, so we had a think about how to explain things for people unfamiliar with customization games.

We are now making general revisions to the original tutorial that left a fair amount for the player to interpret, shifting towards a more user-friendly interface.

The tutorial now starts with a movie introducing a number of example models and conveying the general concept of customization, for initial inspiration. After that, you can freely select topics you want to learn more about.

This is a still image, but in the game it will play out as a movie.
* This part is not localized yet so the images are only in Japanese. Sorry!

Next, we added more to the screenshot feature used to capture images at the assembling screen.
The screenshot feature was received better than expected, so we took that as a sign to include an additional feature that we originally were on the fence about.

Can you tell what the additional feature is?
You can now choose light sources from several points.
These points were carefully selected so that anyone can use them to create a stunning effect.

Next week, assuming the tutorial is fully completed, we’d like to start making new equipment such as melee weapons and assist items.

◆ Merchandise in stock

We have a small number of Valentine acryl keyholders in stock!
If you weren’t able to grab one at Comiket, you can get them here!



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