Greetings, artists!
Here is this week’s development update.

We felt there was something missing from the racing part of the game, so this week we’ll be adding more!
When promoting the game we like to share lots of images with the community and often find ourselves working on new modules, but given that last week saw a significant rise in the attention we’ve been receiving we’re going to take a break from adding new modules and focus our attention on the race circuit.

Now then, BREAK ARTS II will feature 3 types of single-player modes:

“Time Attack Mode”

Aim to get the fastest time on each track.
Destroying enemy craft will earn you extra seconds, in the traditional BREAK ARTS manner.

“Quick Race”

This mode is the same as the single-player in BREAK ARTS for Smartphone.
Race on a track of your choice and try to come in first place.
This mode is meant for casually enjoying the race and is not too difficult.

“BREAK ARTS Grand Prix”

This is a brand new mode for BREAK ARTS II.
Take on a series of races, earning points in each. The racer with the most accumulated points wins.
This is a more challenging mode.

Currently we are working on this “BREAK ARTS Grand Prix” mode.
We’ve tripped up a few times along the way, but now it is working smoothly offline.
Now we just have to get it up and running online…

In Grand Prix, the level of difficulty increases more dramatically than in Quick Race.
The level of CPU opponents does not increase. The difficulty increases because as you move onto the next race, you will not be able to make optimizations for that specific track.

As you will have only 1 or 2 robots of your own design to take on various tracks that appear in the Grand Prix, you will need to make some careful strategic choices.


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