We’re currently working on weapon customization week by week!
We can’t show certain things just yet; so for now we’ll finish talking about customization of the robot itself.


◆ BREAKARTS is back!

BREAK ARTS: Cyber Battle Racing (hereby after referred to as BA), currently available as an app for Smartphone, is a game featuring a range of different robots.
Now, a feature of those robots were the parts on the back that opened up or came apart, with their own individual movements.

This is the kind of movement I’m talking about.
There’s no chance we would leave out these quirky animations in the second game!
That would take all the fun out of development, too.

That’s where “Joint Modules” (parts) come in, which we’ll be talking about today.


◆ What are Joint Modules?

Here is an example of a Joint Module.

This splits a Connector 2 ways, the purpose being to join Connectors with other Connectors.

Joint Modules allow for the construction of more complex robots.

Among these is a special kind of joint called “Moving Joint”, which is how we can implement these animated movements into the game.

At a glance it might look like an extension joint, but this joint is used in the following manner:

You can set the angle and apply other conditions to make it move.
For example when boosting, reloading, or at all times.

We plan to add Moving Joints which do things like extend/shrink, come apart, or revolve.

Please look forward to creating your own personal style!


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