Greetings, artists!

We hope all of you who attended PAX got a chance to have fun with BREAK ARTS II!
To tell the truth, we’re a little nervous in anticipation of how players from abroad will react.

At the same time, we’re so excited to see what kind of machine designs you will come up with, as you’ll be able to pick up an English version of the customization demo at the event. By all means, please share your designs with the tag #breakarts on social networking platforms. I’m awaiting some masterpieces that will rival designs here in Japan!

By the way… the designs you share needn’t be restricted to your favorite work. You’re free to share all your ideas!

Right, this week we’ve been performing various tasks.
There were nowhere near enough weapon modules, so here’s a snippet of something we’ve added:

Now you’ll be able to make this sort of thing!
When the customization is made publicly available there will be a few more modules to make use of.


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