Greetings, artists!
Today we don’t have a development update; instead we will be announcing the winners of the BREAK ARTS II module design competition!

I will start off with honorable mentions. Regrettably we will not be able to add all these to the game, but these are definitely worth sharing with you all.
As there are quite a few I will just post the text description here.

Artist: Bakunetsu Tom

Many modules were designed to open when boosting; Bakunetsu Tom’s design does the opposite and closes up when boosting.

Artist: Chubeather

An auto-pilot function. This is to allow the pilot more control over shooting in various directions.

Artist: Blu-Ray

A speaker module that changes background music or sound effects.

Artist: Hexagon

A ribbon-type module – cute!

Artists: Hexagon, Yami

A tentacular module that resembles an organism.

Artist: crafter

An armor made with a squishy material that can absorb attacks. The squishy material is weak to dryness.

From several artists:

A module that resembles the wings of an aircraft → we will probably make this.

Artist: Koishi

An awesome generator module. I will refer to this design in the future.

Artist: Alpha Beta

A booster module with a complicated way of expanding from a rectangle shape.

Artist: muramasa75

Reminicent of Kagutsuchi from the previous BREAK ARTS game; a booster module in the shape of a sword’s sheath.

Artist: Rubus

A module resembling the tool used for winding the spring of a wristwatch.

Artist: Jurokucha

A module that allows you to turn the display of attached modules on or off.

Artist: Gouf Custom

A lock-on module with incredible detail. I will refer to this design in future.

Artists: Yami, Фru

A module resembling a zip.

Artist: Фru

A speed-meter type module that displays the current speed of your robot.

Artist: Kani Fry

A module that resembles a mechanical eyeball.

…And here are the winners whose designs will appear in the game!

Artists: nece, Tadanoyukikaze

A cover module that covers up connectors.

By covering up the gold-colored areas, this module makes your robot look like a single body.
I have prepared 2 types: one which covers all connectors and one which covers just the areas where the modules connect.

Artist: Hiiragi

Generator parts that fit together like cogs.

I wanted to have some kind of unknown energy pouring out.
Rather than using it alone, I think it would be cool to be somewhat visable among other modules used in conjunction with it.

Artist: Kasei Teiou

The idea of making a module based on the shape of a race course from BREAK ARTS.

Very innovative.
In a way, this is the kind of idea most suited to this competition.

Artist: Rubus

The idea of making a module based on the head-part of Criteria the first robot added to BREAK ARTS II.

BREAK ARTS II isn’t only about creating robots that are “cool”.
I felt this idea perfectly captures this sentiment.

Well, that’s a total of 20 designs!
Thank you all so much for your submissions!
Most came from within Japan, but we were absolutely thrilled to receive submissions from fans living outside of Japan.

We’ll continue to have events like this so more people abroad will discover BREAK ARTS.
Thank you for your support!




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