Greetings, artists!
Here is the update for this week.

As we talked last week, I’m going to share with you the story about the sounds.
Yes! Sounds! Finally the game has the sounds implemented!
For BA2, we outsourced part of the SEs to have a better quality (and higher costs…)
There was an intense discussion upon the order to let them grasp the idea of the BA world, but since we kept nagging them with a bunch of small requests (I know. We are not the best customer), the quality of the sound is just outstanding.
How the boost and the side boost conveys the “BA-style”! You must check this out.

On Aug 11th (Friday), Comic Market 92 will be held at Tokyo Big Sight.
In our MercuryStudio booth (KO(こ) 38a), supporting goods and a customization demo will be available.
You won’t be able to get this customizable demo for a while if you miss this, so make sure to visit our booth!
For the goods, there will be acrylic figures/keychains, pins, post cards, mouse pads, and stickers.
It’s too bad but we don’t have a big stock for these, so first come first serve!

We understand there are many fans that cannot join the event, so some of the items are available online.
Some foreign fans asked us about the mouse pads, so we just added them! Check this out, too!
Oh, we also added a DL only item; various PC wallpapers.



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