Greetings, artists!
Here is this week’s development update.

Last time I mentioned we’d be working on finishing up various incomplete tasks, and that wouldn’t be very exciting.
In fact, that turned out not to be the case.
We actually ended up adding various features, so I’ll talk a little about that.

MercuryStudio is participating in the upcoming Comiket 92 (first day, ko 38a)
We will have a demo available but for now it will be limited to using the customization system.
This is officially confirmed.

And since we are going ahead with the demo we wanted to get the most out of its promotional value.
The features we added make customization easier to perform and help advertise the game.

◇1.Lock Animation

Originally, only the boost animation played back over a set interval.
Now the player can fix the animation at will (and it won’t end automatically).
And you can use this feature during your customization of the robot or weapons.
While examining your robot’s actual functions, you can decide what movement it makes for boosting, attacking, breaking and so on.
You can add intricate movements to parts of your robot, for taking the most stylish screenshot… that would support us a lot!

◇2.Change background color, display effects, adjust field depth

These tools are all used for taking screenshots.
It’s probably already clear what they do.
In short, you can take images like the one below:

When you’ve got some nice looking shots, please help us by showing them off on SNS and other websites, with the tag: #breakarts 

Currently we’re working on various adjustments, fixes and bug removal.

The biggest change of late is that sound has been added to the game!
We’ll have more information on this in next week’s update.



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