Greetings, artists!
Here is this week’s development update.

We spoke about preparing Steam store assets last time. But as translation is not underway, we’re putting that aside for the time being.
The next screenshots and PV will have English, so you’ll finally be able to see how the game screen is going to look.
This week we implemented the help display for the customization screen.
There’s a lot of depth to customization in this game, so rather than learn everything you basically have to become accustomed to how it works.
But we have included a conceptual guide and explanations on various parameters to help you get started.

And at long last, we’ve implemented the tool for taking screenshots.
Of course, Steam has its own feature for this, but we wanted to make it possible for people to take screenshots in the demo too, and at higher resolutions.

At higher resolutions it will be possible to view the robot models in more detail, for creating wallpapers and other purposes!

Now, we can’t have a developer update without any images can we?
Below you can see more of the merchandise available at Comiket 92 on August 11th (Friday)!

This time we have postcards.
We have 20 of both types; 40 in total.
Production requires these to be made in units of 10. It is unlikely these will be re-manufactured, so please be sure to attend the event if you would like one.

Also, we have prepared business cards.
We’re hoping people in the gaming and media industries might take an interest in these!
We seem to have received double the amount ordered. Please feel free to let us know if you would like one!

Next week we’ll be finishing up on various incomplete details.
It’s not so exciting, but things will get messy if we don’t tidy up once in a while.

◆ Module Design Competition: Deadline approaching

The deadline for submitting your module design is within this month! Remember, entries can be made in any form, even writing on its own.
Let your imagination flow, artists!
And good luck to you all.



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