Greetings, artists!
This week’s development update is the one Breakarts fans have been waiting for.

We’ve made a new preset robot.
Previously we showed you a preset robot modeled after the crystal series (Agate, Epidote, Corundum) that appeared in the first game. The next preset robot is modeled after the color series.

First we’ll break things down for those who aren’t already familiar with Breakarts.
In the Smartphone version of Breakarts, the following robots make up what is called the color series:


Rose Madder

In Japan there is a cultural phenomenon known as “Chuu-ni-byou”, a stain on the innocence of youth, if you will.
It’s a kind of “disease” that affects kids in their adolescence. They develop a taste for things like darkness, chains and edgy words.
(I wonder if the same kind of thing exists abroad?)

Robots from the color series were created especially for those lovable teens.
Moving parts that serve no clear purpose, symbolic designs for making a statement.

We were overjoyed that the color series from the Smartphone version shown above received much praise from many people.

However, from a development standpoint this would not make anything easier for the upcoming BREAK ARTS II.
Designers have a certain pride; after announcing a sequel, we cannot let any of our previous work exceed in quality.

We want to retain the original form and movement of the entire robot. Of course, the customization system allows players to attach modules at points all over its body. So we have to be aware of how these modules are going to function while developing the new robots.

Now you can see the result of our efforts!
Its creation took me to the very limit of my current capabilities: Valentine.

We hope you like it!
And for those who do, here is some good news:
Valentine merchandise is already available!

Above images show the acryl keyholders and acryl figurines.
These will be first available at the Tokyo Comiket 92 venue on August 11th (Fri), so please come along if you want to secure your own.
The MercuryStudio booth will be located at East “ko” 38a (東こ38a)
More awesome merchandise is on the way, we will be able to announce it soon.


◆ Module Design Competition: Deadline approaching

The deadline for submitting your module design is within this month! Remember, entries can be made in any form, even writing on its own.
Let your imagination flow, artists!
And good luck to you all.



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