Continuing from last time, we’ll be sharing more info on what there is to look forward to with the game’s customization system.


◆ About Modules

Modules are robot parts that look like this.
From the top, we have a Booster Module and a Thruster Module.

This Module system makes game development possible, since we can create and finish just about 1 Module per day.
That’s somewhere between 20-30 Modules added to the game in 1 month.

An increase of 20 modules to the game hugely expands the possibilities of customization.
And we can still retain the desired visual quality, which is fantastic.
(It also means a lot of work for the programming side, but that’s another matter.)

But considering how expansive customization will be with a large number of Modules, I am sure you are curious to know how these all affect the performance of your robot.
After all, it’s no fun when a Module you like has no practical viability.

For that reason, all Modules are set to have the same level of value.


◆ Module Performance

Module performance is not represented by a set numerical value.
All that is set is the rate of parameter increase multiplier.
For example, if we take a Module with a durability multiplier of 2,

Amount increased per 1 durability multiplier: 1000

…this would be a Module that increases your robots durability by 2000.
The Module will also increase the weight of your robot in proportion with the increase.

So a Module with a durability multiplier of 2 would have exactly the same effect as 2 Modules with a durability multiplier of 1.

That said, it is unfortunately not possible to create a light-weight robot AND equip it with lots of Modules.
Each Module applies its own weight, you see.

The merit of this system for me is that I can easily fine-tune the balance by simply changing the base value.


◆ A New Topic

Now we’ve provided a lot of information on the new customization system, so you probably have an idea of how it’s going to work.

In the previous BREAK ARTS, we had a lot of parts that could be fitted to the back of the robot.
We were thinking we could make more robots like that in the new game.
We think those moving parts that don’t really do anything are pretty cool.

To achieve that in BREAK ARTS II, we came up with the concept of “Joint Parts”.
Stay tuned for more on that and customization!


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