Greetings, artists!

Thank you for waiting.
Today we’re introducing the new race course and preset robot that we discussed in yesterday’s broadcast.

First, the new robot!
For BREAK ARTS II we wanted to bring back the crystal series (Agate, Epidote, Corundum) which are in the currently available BREAKARTS on Smartphone.

We named it Onyx.

We hope you’ll notice the level at which the Corundum has been recreated compared to the Smartphone version.


Of course, you will be able to strip Onyx of its various modules and build it up with parts of your own choice if you wish!
Creating your very own crystal series is fun in itself!

Now, about the new race course.
We could talk all day but it’s better if you see for yourselves.
That’s why we’ve prepared this video for you to check out!

The Summer is strong with this one.
It makes me want to eat Somen (cold Japanese noodles.)

Next week we are planning to conduct debugging and various improvements.
See you next time!


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