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Today we’ll be breaking down what we covered in the broadcast made the other day.


◆1. New feature: Reverse Shift (temporary)

This feature lets you switch robots during a race!
Now that we’ve mentioned it, that’s actually all there really is to it. We’re hoping this solves a number of issues.

The wealth of customization is really what sells BREAK ARTS II,
but for those who play to win, it will come down to the fundamental performance of their robot.
We’ve created a system that allows players to design “concept machine” robots specialized in a certain area. Note that these performance elements share little with its outer appearance.

You can race with heavy-weight or light-weight, high-performance or stylish craft.
You can also enjoy optimizing your robot for particular race tracks.

Another issue is, how the player is to catch up to other racers when their robot was destroyed.
Neck-and-neck races are super fun; when there is a huge distance between racers it loses some of that intensity.

In the current smartphone version we made weapons for targeting 1st place, traps that will remain until they ensnare a target. But ideally the overtaken player would race and make use of various weapons to work their way back up to 1st place.
So for the upcoming game, rather than relying on super strong weapons, we hope to have a system that includes parameter bonuses depending on your position, and “reverse shift” that lets you switch to a different robot mid-race.


◆2. Design competition underway

Thanks for your patience.
The BREAKARTS II design competition is now underway.
Basically, it’s just a competition where the winner’s design will be implemented into the game,
but we hope it will generate enough interest to help spread the word to new players.

Great art skills are NOT required.
In fact, entries can be composed entirely of text, or a model (lego, etc.)
It’s a competition of ideas, rather than artwork.

By the way, you are more than welcome to post your application ideas on SNS sites like Twitter and Facebook and other outlets!
It would be a great help if you could add tags such as #BA2MDC or #breakarts2 for our promotion.

Learn about the competition here:


◆3. New goods

We’re almost out of stock already!

We made some acrylic key-holders like this!
There are only 3 left as we write this article.
We have 9 actually but we need some for events so these will be the last to be sold online.
Sorry we didn’t have a larger stock. If we spent too much time and resources creating more goods it would be counter-productive, as these goods are meant to help support development of the game.
If you would really like one you’ll have to be quick!

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