Branching Paths Screening At PAX West

PAX West brings a huge variety of games and gamers from around the world together, and Branching Paths is no exception.
This year at PAX West, Branching Paths will be up on the big screen.

Northwest Film Forum will be screening Branching Paths on Saturday 3rd September at 9:45pm.

Branching Paths is a mosaic of the developers, publishers and people who gravitate to indie games in Japan.

Japan has a history of independent creators building lively communities, even within industries where large media companies rule. Comic Market, and events like it attract more than 1 million attendees yearly.

For the last several years, the Japanese game industry has begun to recognize the power of independent creators and the momentum of the fledgling scene, and in 2013, the Tokyo Game Show created a pavilion to feature indie creators for the first time in its history.

Branching Paths explores the indie industry in Japan, diving into the stories behind some of the most iconic names.


Branching Paths
Where: Northwest Film Forum. Located at 1515 12th Ave in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, on 12th Avenue between Pike & Pine Street. (Access Information)
When: Saturday 3rd September, 9:45pm
Price: $11 General Admission
Website (tickets):

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