Bitsummit 4th Prize Winners

BitSummit 4th saw an incredible amount of people and amazing games. Not only did the Playism Booths receive a fantastic response, BitSummit also featured some outstanding games that took home some fantastic prizes from the 2-day event.

Vermilion Gate Award

Awarded to the best game in show.

Tokyo Dark By Cherrymochi

Tokyo Dark is a point and click mystery adventure for Windows and Mac. Step into Detective Itō’s shoes on a case to find her missing partner. But things aren’t as they seem as Itō quickly plunges into a twisted nightmare causing her to confront her past as darkness threatens to pull her down.




Innovative Outlaw Award

Awarded to the title with the most originality.

Digital Art Battle By Limits

Digital Art Battle, as the title suggests, is an artistic battle where artists can go head to head in front of a live audience in a themed 20 minute art battle. Pursued by time, the challengers undergo a trial to test their artistic talents, drawing speed and spiritual endurance.




Magical Presence Award

Awarded to the title with the best business idea.

Branching Paths By Anne Ferrero

Branching Paths is a documentary about Anne’s 2 year journey through the Japanese independent game development scene. The documentary offers a close look into the indie game scene in Japan of recent years.




Bitsummit Serendipity Award

Awarded to the title that presented innovative ideas.

The Gunner Of Dragoon By Hydrangea

Strap on your VR head set and take a seat on the saddle. Instantly you are transported to the skies on the back of a fierce dragon. Dive in the VR world in this innovative combination of VR and real life feedback of the feeling of riding an actual dragon.




International Award

Awarded to the best title from outside of Japan.

Cosmic Trip By Funktronic Labs

Cosmic Trip is a VR real-time strategy game where you must survive on hostile alien planets by commanding minute droids called cosmobots to gather resources to fight off the enemy alien forces.




Popular Selection Award

Awarded to the title chosen by the audience.

Dead Hungry By Q-Games

Dead Hungry is a VR game where you take the position of a chef of a burger stand. As zombies slowly infest the vicinity, it’s all up to you to race against time and make burgers to feed the hungry living dead before they start munching on you instead.


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