Biblinthus – The Most Adorable Combo Of Dungeons And Puzzles

Given the countless randomly generated dungeons out there, it certainly is refreshing to see a change for once! Today, we’re proud to announce that Playism has once again joined hands with Platine Dispositif (creator of Bunny Must Die) to publish an all new strategic dungeon crawler, Biblinthus, where players create the puzzle that they must solve. Set in the great celestial library with an adorable art style, Yonda the wise librarian is the only one able to seek out the bored Great Ones who decided to abandon the needs of this universe.


At first glance, Biblinthus plays just like Tetris, where the player drops pieces of floor tiles around Yonda while rotating the screen to help said pieces fit together. When new flooring is placed off screen, the camera will pan over to display its location. However, it’s game over if Yonda ever gets pushed off screen during this camera movement. The primary objective is to fill up Yonda’s silver key by expanding the map, collecting various items, and advance to the next stage. Simple, you’d think. But no, there’s a lot more than that!



As much as “manual dungeon creation” gives players the freedom to design however they want, it also introduces strategic planning on many fronts. Yonda’s steps are counted through an hourglass. Once she take too many steps without placing a floor tile, her hourglass will deplete and force the floor tile to drop wherever she is! Sometimes this means that flooring tiles get dropped at a very inconvenient location, other times this means the camera will fly across a big map to locate the new flooring tile and end the game!



Although Biblinthus is easy to learn, it certainly is no small feat to master. As the player progresses to advanced stages, even one simple misstep could mean the end!


While exploring, Yonda will come across many forbidden tools, meet creepy crawlies, and work around difficult but interesting environmental obstacles. Here, Biblinthus presents an inventory limit mechanic that forces players to be very careful in choosing which items to pick up.


Yonda’s inventory is limited to just three item slots (more if you pick up the appropriate upgrades later) and she can only ever use the most recently picked up item. What happens if Yonda gets cornered by creepy crawlies but her teleport item is way in the back of her inventory? Then she’s out of luck, unless there’s another way out…


One of the most challenging maps is the sand terrain. Each time Yonda moves forward, the sandy tile she previously stood on will disintegrate permanently! This means that if the player made a mistake walking forward, there is no choice but to keep going because there is no backtracking, or even worse, the player may accidentally walk Yonda into a corner and face a game over screen!


How many levels can you clear? Remember, Yonda only has one life!
Don’t be deceived by thinking Biblinthus is just a cute puzzle/dungeon crawler with Tetris mechanics. As a finely polished puzzle, the endless possibilities of Biblinthus bring out the best of each player’s patience, strategy, and imagination!
Enough chatter for now, though, it’s time for me to head back and finish that sand map with Yonda!

Grab Biblinthus Now (While Its Still On Sale) For Only $6.74

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