Beginner’s Guides to Pixel Game Maker MV


After the Pixel Game Maker MV giveaway (stay tuned for more!) and the Steam Autumn sale, there were many newcomers to this game engine. If you’re unsure how to get started, and the tutorial in Pixel Game Maker MV feels too advanced, we have just released a series of guides to help beginners understand how they can start creating games.

These 4 guides bring you back to the basics and were specially designed for people that have never made games before. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t have any resources, as we provide everything you’ll need for the guides.


Introducing the Guides

Setting and Moving Characters

Guide #1 for Beginners: Setting and moving characters” gives you a quick overview on the process of creating games and teaches you how to place and start moving your characters right away. 

Registering and Checking Assets

In “Guide #2 for Beginners: Registering and Checking Assets” you’ll learn how to import assets into the tool and how to prepare them for use in your game. This guide focus particularly on which settings you should take into account when editing animations and how you can animate static images.

Making a Character Fire Bullets

The third guide is very straightforward as it will allow you to set up the attack settings in your character, specifically how you can make it fire bullets. “Guide #3 for Beginners: Making a Character Fire Bullets” also gives you some tips when it comes to the debug menu and how you can use it for testing purposes.



Defeating an Enemy Character

“Guide #4 for Beginners: Defeating an Enemy Character/Being Defeated by an Enemy Character” brings it all together by teaching you how you can create different types of enemies and how to configure destruction settings in your characters.



After following these four guides, you’ll have created a mini-game where you can fire bullets at enemies and they can fire bullets and attack you back.

Check out all the guides on Steam:
Guide 1 / Guide 2 / Guide 3 / Guide 4

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