Astebreed: Countdown And Origin Story

Waiting is one of the most difficult things a person can do. A child waits to be a big kid. A teenager waits to drive, drink and gamble. An adult waits for the summer to end so their children can go back to school. And gamers are perpetually stuck in a position of waiting, ticking off the days or longer until their new favorite thing finally arrives. Be it a hyped sequel, a crowdfunded indie title or just a mad hope for a lost promise, waiting is as much a part of our lives as eating or refreshing Twitter.


Thankfully, the wait is nearly over for the Playism Playstation fans, as TOMORROW is the drop date for Astebreed on the PSN! If you’ve been dying to jump into the amazing galactic war and re-living the sword and blaster assault, just another day remains. Astebreed will drop simutaneously in North America and Europe on June 25th. You don’t have to wait, people of Europe! Rejoice!



For those of you unfamiliar with Astebreed’s story, here is as much of the plot as I can give away without totally ruining some of the more dynamics twists. You play Roy, boy of the future, who is the pilot of a mech in the highly experimental Xbreed series. Your mission is fighting an invasion of aliens called Filune that took his father’s life (and will ultimately crush the Earth). His Xbreed model is infused with the presence of a girl named Fiona, who has volunteered her life to upgrade the weapon system, in exchange for hopefully finding out the fate of her sister and the reason for the invasion. She provides insight, strategy and a reminder of what’s truly at stake during this war.


The plotline may not matter for some, as you can enjoy Astebreed’s sword-and-blaster action without reading a word of the unfolding dialogue. Truthfully, you may need to play the game a couple of times to fully glean the unfolding storyline, as the chatter happens in real time with the action and you may be more inclined to position your Xbreed instead of reading the subscript. But I’ve always enjoyed the struggle to survive in the face of insurmountable odds, and Roy is a likeable protagonist: brash, a bit cocky, but still a boy who’s trying to avenge his father. Fiona does a great job of balancing her cold logic of being part machine while still showing her emotions that reside within her human half. And understanding the why of the firefight seems to make the victories all the more satisfying.



I hope that you can digest all this and it tides you over for just another day. Be assured: Astebreed is worth the wait, and the PS4 version looks to be the definitive work.

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