Assault Android Cactus Rocketing To Playism

Know what’s great? Destroying things with ridiculous firepower. Know what’s even better? Doing it with up to three friends at the same time.
When you see a great game, you just know that other people are going to love it. When something clicks and clicks hard, you don’t have a doubt in your mind that you want other people to experience the same thing. That’s why we’re incredibly proud and excited to announce that Playism is bringing Assault Android Cactus to Playism and Playism Japan! Not only that: we’re bringing it to Japanese consoles!
Assault Android Cactus
If you haven’t yet come to know the power of Assault Android Cactus, the first game from Brisbane-based team Witch Beam, let me educate you in the best possible way: short sentences and an awesome video. You’re an android police officer. Your spaceship is under siege from malfunctioning robot workers. You recruit other police and just blast the ever loving snot out of everything as you try and fix the problem. It’s a twin stick shooter, it has four players at once, and each android has a different shooting style and unique weapons.
Sound good so far? Now check out this video.

Wasn’t that AWESOME? Not only can you do four players, but there’s more than four to choose from! That means serious variety and serious arguments if you all try and be the same android! We almost had a shouting match in the office over who was gonna be Lemon! I just typed those words!
Let’s start with the good news: Assault Android Cactus will be launching on the English and Japanese sites. They will be DRM free. They will have Steam keys. And they will support keyboard and mouse as well as controllers. Pretty good so far. So now here’s some even more awesome news.
We’re bringing it to Japanese consoles. We are making sure that Japanese gamers who prefer the home system can play as well. What does that mean? PlayStation 4. PlayStation Vita. And, boom, Wii U! Playism is publishing on Nintendo Japan and we couldn’t be more excited to inaugurate the event with Assault Android Cactus!
I hope you’re as hyped as I am! Keep an eye here on the Playism blog as well as our Twitter to see what’s up with AAC and when it’ll be available!

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