Artifact Adventure Out Now

It’s been a long time since the Japanese release of Open World RPG Artifact Adventure, and we’re so happy to finally announce that the English version is finally available for purchase on Playism!

Available for just $6.99, Artifact Adventure gives players a grand adventure with a multitude of quests to uncover, all set in an 8-bit landscape.
In addition, you and your party members will find incredible relics known as “artifacts”, each with a unique power to help you on your journey.
Artifact Adventure offers unlimited adventure:
  • Fight incredible monsters!
  • Collect Powerful Artifacts and gain new power!
  • Save villagers from vengeful gods!
  • Solve quests the way you want!
  • Lie to children!
  • Sell your party members into slavery!
  • Defeat the Slime King!
Pick up Artifact Adventure right now by clicking here:

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