Artifact Adventure Gaiden Releases January

Those tones, those colors…
Featuring a uniquely Game Boy-like design
and all-new adventures and tales.

Artifact Adventure Gaiden is coming to Playism and Steam this January!

After the success of the massive open-world RPG Artifact Adventure, styled after the popular NES days, Artifact Adventure Gaiden takes a step towards the next generation. Game Boy!

Custom-build your own team of powerful allies to join you as you freely traverse the vast and unique open world!

Your own choices lay the foundation for the future…
In three years, an impending disaster is to befall the lands, but before the devastating event can come, you are to journey through the fast lands in search of adventure, full of choices, happiness, misfortune and more.

Immerse yourself in the Game Boy-like design and the 2D open world while making choices that freely shape the scenario itself as you progress through this JRPG.
The choices you make are all up to you. But don’t forget: the decisions you make just might end up providing you with invaluable help three years in the future, upon the arrival of an impending disaster…
Embark on an adventure in which you sew the threads of your own future.


While the “Gaiden” part of the title insinuates a sequel or spinoff, Artifact Adventure Gaiden has been painstakingly crafted to ensure that both seasoned veterans of the original Artifact Adventure as well as first-time players alike can fully enjoy the game with absolutely no rookie hurdle”.


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Playism / Steam


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