Artifact Adventure: Coming Soon To Steam

Everyone’s been absolutely loving Artifact Adventure, from the classic aesthetics to the retro playback and, of course, the awesome open world exploration. But one thing we’ve heard over and over from fans: can I please get this on Steam? Well, we have fantastic news for all you intrepid adventurers! We are only two short days from Artifact Adventure coming to Steam! Everyone who’s already purchased the DRM free copy from PLAYISM will automatically find a Steam key generated in their library. And yes, for all you collectors: there will be trading cards. Rejoice!

If you haven’t played it yet, Artifact Adventure takes everything that was great about the NES RPGs (like Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior) and spices it up with a vast array of monsters, heroes and tons of replay value. You never have to resolve the quests the same way twice!

But you don’t have to wait till May 29th to grab Artifact Adventure. Pick it up today on PLAYISM and your Steam key will be ready as soon as its live on Steam!

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