Announcing Break Arts 2!

After the success of the mobile game BreakArts: Cyber Battle Racing, comes the exciting sequel from MercuryStudio.

BreakArts 2 is currently in development for Steam!

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What Is Break Arts?

Breaks Arts is a cyber racing game which allows you to build and customize your own robot and then race missions or go head to head against other players around the world.

But racing isn’t the only thing your robot can do. Equip your machine with weapons to attack other robots or even set traps.


New Features

  • Weight plays a bigger part in Break Arts 2. You will be able to choose and customize a variety of different machines, each with different specs and weight limitations. Build a heavier machine for bigger damage or defense, but lose out on speed. Or build a light, fast frame with low defense and offence abilities.
  • A new turn around feature is also being worked on. This will allow you to attack people racing behind you. Before, you could only do this using traps.
  • Adding in new races, new race rules and team races.
  • And more!


Please note these images are currently in development.

Break Arts 2 is currently planned for Summer/Autumn 2017 on Steam!


Main Website (Japanese)

BreakArts: Cyber Battle Racing

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