An Octave Higher Wins Best Narrative At Casual Connect!

Casual Connect just announced their winners of the Asia Indie Prize 2015, and eleven outstanding games took home the trophies. Best of all, Kidalang and Playism’s own An Octave Higher took home Best Game Narrative!

The visual novel genre is an eclectic one, full of a huge number of stories, characters and beautiful artwork from any number of creators. You don’t just sit back and read the story: your choices and decisions help shape the paths and turns, and ultimately lead you to one of six endings (and one very special Easter egg)! Who’s romance are you most interested in seeing blossom?

Which side of the class division will you fall on? And will your story end on a sour note, or bring thunderous applause?

An Octave Higher took the world of Overture with its innovative magic system and clashing class structure and brought it to life. I fell in love with Franz, Aretha, Elise and Fredrick, and it was incredibly humbling to have Casual Connect see some of the same wonder that I experienced.

A big congratulations is in order to Kidalang for their hard and beautiful work in bringing An Octave Higher to nearly every platform, including OSX, Linux, iOS and Android. If you’re interested to see exactly what all the fuss is about, you can pick up An Octave Higher right here at Playism for your computer, or buy it directly from the App Store or Play Store.

To see the complete list of winners, check Casual Connect’s Facebook post here!



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