Alicemare and Gocco of War on Sale!

This week we have two titles on sale on Steam!

I stumbled across GOCCO of War during a random Steam browsing session, and I was immediately drawn to big-headed anime characters, because they are freakish and lovable. What I discovered upon booting up developer peakvox’s online multiplayer virtual child combat simulator was even more freakish and lovable.
— Kotaku [Full Review]

Gocco of War has recently been updated and is also running an open beta at the moment for the brand new quest, EX003!

More info here



Perhaps the most surprising thing about Alicemare is that it is as engrossing an adventure now as it was upon initial release. This strange story about a young boy named Allen and other orphaned children creates an interesting atmosphere to explore.
— Hardcore Gamer [Full Review]

Alicemare is also part of the Miwashibundle, grouped together with LiEat.

Check out the Bundle now

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