Ace of Seafood Swims to PS4

The PlayStation Blog has gone live with some very exciting news today! Ace of Seafood is coming to PS4 worldwide on November 9th!

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What is Ace of Seafood?

Ace of Seafood is a 3rd person action shooter set in an open world ocean. Developed by Nussoft, a well known publisher for crazy seafood-related games!

All creatures living in the sea gained a unique shooting ability and can destroy everything with powerful lasers. Organize a party of up to 6 sea creatures (crabs, fish, whatever you want!) and head out to conquer the ocean. Defeat enemies, collect comrades, train yourself and secure fish reefs across the ocean.

Many reefs are protected by a variety of different organisms who are territorial. Some strategy or specific creatures are going to be needed to conquere these sections of the ocean. As the “Ace” in the team, you can control your formation, special abilities and battle tactics. Explore a wide area and conquer the ocean one victory at a time.

In this adventure, you can be a sardine, crab, or giant squid.
Let’s fight in the vast ocean, get more genes, and aim for the strongest creatures in the ocean.



  • A large variety of species and locations to discover and conquer.
  • A party of 6 fish/crustaceans, each with their own unique skills and attacks.
  • Freely explore the open world with your array of sea creatures.
  • Capture and take control of reefs guarded by powerful and territorial organisms.
  • Play with friends. Supports 2-player local, 4-player online.
  • In-game voice chat is possible in multiplayer.
  • A variety of seafood PSN avatars.



Ace of Seafood releases on PlayStation 4 worldwide on November 9th, 2017!


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