A reflection of △○□×’s (Miwashiba) games and Introducing The Faceless Double

Have you discovered any of △○□×’s (Miwashiba) games? So far, they have released LiEat, Alicemare and 1bitHeart with Playism on the Playism store and on Steam.

The first and biggest title that was released with Playism is LiEat, an outstanding adventure game that touched the hearts of 100,000s of people around the world.

LiEat also ranked 7th in Steam’s RPGMaker world ranking review site (data from December 27, 2018).

But, Miwashiba’s works don’t just begin and end with LiEat, they have a whole line up of amazing games.

Introducing the games of Miwashiba



LiEat is the classic story of a vagabond traversing a strange and mysterious world together with a dragon protégé, buying and selling secrets, while also attempting to uncover the truth about themselves. Along the way, they’ll discover a web of arcane mysteries, meet a variety of colorful characters (including other dragons), and shed light on events of the past which ultimately served to lead them to where―and who―they are today.

Efina is the adorable child below, and adorable companion to a guy dripping in lies. But she is more than she seems, as she is actually a dragon, with the unique ability to manifest and eat lies. Within each chapter that you play through in LiEat, not only will you learn more about the characters, but you’ll also grow alongside Efina.

LiEat boasts a wonderful soundtrack, composed by the developer, Miwashiba. The soundtrack is included free with every purchase of the game, so be sure to check it out.

Although LiEat is only 3 chapters long, the story is well organised and put together in such a way that the climax of each story is unforgettable.

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Comparing the atmosphere of Alicemare to LiEat, you will notice a drastic change. Alicemare shows its story with a mix of picture book style art, traditional fairy tale stories and a sense of despair.

Alicemare follows the story of Allen. A young boy who has lost his memory.
Bereaved by the loss of his mother and father, he eventually ends up at a home for lost children.
One day, he sets out to investigate a rumor heard from the other children. This is where Allen’s story really begins as he opens a door to a magical world.

Alicemare is an adventure game with horror elements, as you search for “keys”, you solve a variety of mysterious which is each tied to a famous fairy tale such as Red Riding Hood, Alice in Wonderland ad many more.

The game contains 7 different endings, each one revealing a different fragment of the dark story the game contains.

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Another different style game in Miwashiba’s lineup comes in 1bitHeart, a more pop-art and bright looking game. Our main hero of the story is a shut-in called Nanashi. Set in a world in which pretty much everything is controlled and watched over by computer programs, Nanashi one day meets a mysterious girl who appeared in his bedroom.

“Let’s make some friends.”

Nanashi accepts the young girl’s sudden invitation without giving it much thought. At that very moment, some very strange things begin to occur in town.

Making friends and learning about others in the game is a key element to the gameplay. Navigating discussions and conversations to make friends can be rather difficult in reality, and 1bitHeart doesn’t make light of that. However, fear not, there is a helpful hint system to help you thought some of the more challenging conversations. In 1bitHeart, you have the chance of making over 50 friends (we have introduced them all before here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6). But this game isn’t only about making friends, its about solving strange incidents that suddenly started plaguing the town.

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Playism / Steam


The Faceless Double – Coming Soon

Playism recently launched the coming soon pages for Miwashiba’s latest game, The Faceless Double.

The Faceless Double begins the story with a hero, Double, who has lost his form, and is unable to remember how it happened. Together with Cloena, who thinks of himself as Double’s little brother, they journey on to find “God” and solve the mystery to how this all happened. Will Double fade away with no form? Why did he lose his form in the first place?

Travel together with the characters with rich personalities as the story develops.

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Did you enjoy the introduction to Miwashiba’s games? Which one will you check out?

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