A New Western Game Approaches!

As many of you know, Playism is a double gateway to the gaming world. Working side-by-side with our Japanese sibling site, we’re able to not only bring games from Nihon to the rest of the world but, in turn, bring games from the West into Japan.  You have already seen how games like Papers, Please and Machinarium have come into our page as a result of ending up on the Japanese side. Very soon we’ll be adding another great title from North America to our collective.



For those of you unfamiliar, Runers takes the great idea of classic roguelike dungeons and amplifies it with a huge variety of abilities and races for your hero to choose. The sheer number of choices before you even begin allows for a totally unique experience out the gate. A vampiric demon wizard could be the brute you need to clear through the waves of monsters, but a Dryad Priest might give you enough healing to play the long game and survive.


With four difficulty levels and untold masses of monsters, it can be very easy to get overwhelmed quickly. Thankfully, the versatility of Runers doesn’t end with just character customization. The titular runes in the game allows for fast and furious spell changing on the fly. As monsters drop runes, you can assign them as your primary spells or, with a little trial and error, combine the runes to make even more powerful spells. With the left and right mouse buttons each being different spells, plus two hotkey slots for additional spells, you can quickly become a whirlwind of fury and magic in no time flat.



If you enjoyed games like Diablo or Titan’s Quest and have a soft spot in your heart for Nethack and other great Roguelikes, Runers can become the frenzied game of your dreams. When you buy it from Playism, you will get a Steam key as well as a DRM free copy. We also are selling the Runers soundtrack which, guess what, also comes with a Steam Key! So if you buy Runers deluxe from Playism, you’ll get one Steam key for soundtrack and game PLUS DRM free copies of each. If you already own the game and just want the awesome soundtrack, BOOM, STEAM KEY WITH THAT. We’re all about the keys!


Runers drops July 24th in English and with new Japanese support! To sweeten the deal, we’ll be running a launch discount on the standard and deluxe versions. If you’ve never had a chance to scream obscenities at legions of mice while flinging ice and fire, now’s the perfect time!


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