A New Shade Of Shmup, Murasaki, Explodes Onto Playism!

How Do You Survive A Bullet Hell When You Can Only Shoot One Shot At A Time?

Murasaki is a beautiful and incredibly unique take on the shmup formula. Taking the role of one of two siblings, you find yourself in a vertical shooter that’s anything but. With the ability to only fire one bullet at a time, the key to survival lies in the appearance of mystic shapes that slowly appear throughout the stage. Though your shot can cleave through enemies, it’s better utilized in a test of skill and angles to ricochet the shapes into similar objects, creating a mass chain explosion that can clear the screen and strike down all enemies caught in the blast radius.


And what of the story? It’s a convoluted and complex tale of an ancient world where music and magic play equal parts in the fall of heroes and the rise of darkness. It’s impossible to explain in a single sitting, but that’s where Murasaki does its best to help you out. As you progress in the game, you unlock a “collection” of different items, including character bios, background story and the ability to play the different tracks from each level. Though it may take a couple of reads, the events that lead up to Kairi and Satsuki’s adventures are fascinating and epic in the truest sense of the word. Not to mention the sweeping soundtrack is always worth revisiting, even if you can’t muster the energy to fight through the levels again.


Murasaki is a brilliant and breathtaking addition to the Playism collection, and we were incredibly proud to bring it to our DRM-free storefront this Friday, February 5th, for only $4.99. In addition, when the game comes to Steam (and we are bringing it to Steam!), all customers who bought it previously will find a Steam key added, at no additional charge, to their Steam accounts.


Murasaki will also launch at a 10% discount, meaning you can pick up this eclectic experience for only $4.50 until February 12th. So, if you’re ready to brave the bullets, cross your fingers and enjoy the mayhem: Murasaki is a shooter like no other!


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