A Healer Only Lives Twice Released!

An exciting title from last year’s BitSummit has finally made its way onto PC. A Healer Only Lives Twice takes us on an adventure through the dungeons from a slightly different perspective than usual.


A Healer Only Lives Twice – $4.99

After mapping the dungeon while the monsters are asleep, you quickly find yourself cornered by monsters. Choose the target for your knight and let him do the attacking, your job is after all, more important. Work with and upgrade a plethora of skills to keep your knight healthy and use the items from monster drops to craft upgrades, torches, potions and more, to help you along the journey.



With three exciting modes to choose from, A Healer Only Lives Twice has a variety of different ways to play.

Main – this is your standard story mode, find yourself trapped in a dungeon, and keep your knight alive to fight your way out.

Main EX – this is similar to story mode, but with no upgrades enabled. Same thing, but more challenging!

Trial – this leads you down the path of random encounters. Best for casual challenges and practice



Heading through the dungeon, you are often racing against two incredible important factors; power ups and time. With only a limited number of torches, you can only fight as long as you have light. The quicker you proceed, the better. But be careful, the second you fall into darkness is the moment you lose, and sadly it will be game over for you. With this constant eye on the time, you also have to make sure that your knight is ready to face the battles ahead of him, not only by keeping his health up, but also by making and using power ups, and casting spells to up defense/attack/etc.



Sometimes you may even come across a great Red Stone. This is a fantastic tool you can use to clear the way and advance, but sadly, with a consequence. Each time a Red Stone is used, the monsters you clear will not drop EXP or items. When you find one, choose wisely.


Remember, getting out alive depends on you!


A Healer Only Lives Twice is out now on Steam and Playism, grab it now while its on its launch discount!


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