A Gocco Demo Promotion!

Gocco Of War – Free Demo (Steam)

For the past few months, we’ve watched the player base of a little game called GOCCO of War increase steadily and, as the users joined, the game changed. What started as a relatively simple and, at times, clunky 3rd person adventure game has evolved marvelously. peakvox has been incredibly receptive to the input from new users, following the suggestions as best as possible. We’ve implemented changes in controls, camera, added new accessories and even added new lobbies as the seasons change.

Best of all, we’ve seen a rippling effect as gamers reach out to their friends and invite them into the GOCCO Studios Japan. The word of mouth and positive reviews have driven this multiplayer romp to brave new heights, and we all want to sincerely thank the efforts of our players, both beta testers and regular users, for making this an ever-changing, always progressing game.

For current users, they’ve experienced first hand how quickly things have been added in – almost on a weekly basis – and yet we’ve been strangely quiet the past couple weeks. Why is that? Because there is a HUGE update coming with a very, VERY requested feature. I wish I could tell you more, but waiting to eat is sometimes as wonderful as that first bite. Also cheru would murder me. But mostly anticipation.

But how do we get new players into the game? Sure, you could just drop 20 bucks and pray this is the game for you, but that seems both crazy and incredibly hopeful (on everyone’s parts). That’s why peakvox is happy to announce a two level promotion that’ll pique interests of new and old players alike! It’s like a layer cake, but with less Daniel Craig!*

Starting today, there’s a new demo available directly from the GOCCO of War Steam page! This demo has a full range of character customization, just like the core game, and allows for both online and offline play! You can experience one of three missions with other demo players, so you get the feeling of group participation and get to share new experiences with a bunch of other new players! Probably. I don’t think people would make smurf Steam accounts just for GOCCO, but they might (read on). Additionally, you can even synthesize and enhance items, so a full range of equipment (based on drops from those three levels) is available to you as well! The shop isn’t open, but that won’t limit the fun you can have!

Does the demo leave you hungry for more? Then you can buy the full game afterwards AND copy/paste your character from the demo into the complete version! You don’t have to make a throwaway just to enjoy the GOCCO intro: this can be the first real step on the long road to a wonderful future!

But that’s not all. peakvox is running a special demo campaign as well! Depending on how many people download the demo, GOCCO of War will be discounted the following week! Take a look at this wonderful chart:

Gocco of war promotion

Did you see that? If we can somehow get 30,000 downloads or more, GOCCO will hit FIFTY PERCENT OFF. That’s insane! That’s practically pennies! I mean, like a thousand of them, but still! You dive in enough couch cushions, the game pays for itself.

So what are you waiting for? Call your friends, your neighbor, that guy who has Steam but you don’t really wanna talk to because of his gun collection, and tell them to download the demo! The demo is free forever, but this campaign only runs until the 19th!

Gocco Of War – Free Demo (Steam)


*may contain trace amounts of Daniel Craig.

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