A Glimpse Into A Dark Future

We are counting down the days until Dungeons and Darkness hits the Japanese side of Playism, and it’s honestly a little nerve wracking to see the amount of hype this game has generated. After all the requests from BitSummit for us to pick up the game, we have been working like mad to get this game ready for the Western audience. There was a little talk about waiting till we could do a simultaneous release for East and West, but ultimately it was better for everyone if the Japanese copy releases on time.

To help keep the hype train going, we have the Japanese trailer to share with everyone. Although it’s not subtitled yet, you can still get a good idea of what’s in store. There’s combat, treasure hunting, orc smashing, a bit of magic and, of course, a massive dragon that will straight up roast you alive. Be warned: this trailer is not for the faint-of-awesome, because it gives you only a small taste of what’s ahead!
Hope that was as fantastic to watch as it was for us to see the first time! Just days left for Japan to dive into the dungeons, who knows what they’ll find?

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