A Bit Of Let’s Play For D4 From GOG!


The internet has given us many gifts over it’s forty years of life. There have been leaps and bounds in communication and connectivity that weren’t even imagined possible. There is a repository of information and knowledge that will outlast every living thing on the planet if guarded properly. Personally, I’ve learned more things about the world, the galaxies and beyond than I ever fathomed I would.  Also, more pictures of cats than I thought existed. Seriously, what’s with the Internet and cats?



For gamers, the Internet has provided new and exciting avenues in a number of different facets. It’s the best distribution platform, where delivery is instantaneous and losing the disk is impossible (though forgetting your password is common). You can play with friends and strangers miles away, in real time, and exercise levels of cooperation with precision and strategy. You can even enjoy the secondhand experience of watching someone play a game without needing to find a friend with the game who’s home and willing to play in YOUR free time.
That’s the beauty of Let’s Play. Trailers simply aren’t comprehensive enough for everyone, and frustrations run high if there’s a game you have heard is good but simply don’t understand or don’t want to invest serious money in. Thanks to the Internet (and, specifically, Twitch, YouTube and HitBox) you can watch along with hundreds or thousands of others as players, both professional and amateur, attempt to engage and entertain you with the latest releases (and retro classics).


Recently, the folks at GOG took some time to sit down and play through episode one of Swery’s exciting and demented mystery adventure, D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die. It’s a fun and enjoyable watch, both for seeing someone run through D4 in a relatively quick fashion (some costume changes but not as many as I did) and some pretty solid banter. It’s a cool story overall, and it’s always interesting to see the different choices others make, including the food to eat or whether or not to try and push Amanda (I have yet to meet anyone who didn’t push Amanda).



If you’ve got some time, don’t watch two episodes of Pretty Little Liars back to back: enjoy some D4 Let’s Play action. It’s a much better murder mystery, makes more sense and every character is more enjoyable.


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