A 5th Of BitSummit – Winners

BitSummit 5th has ended and while all the developers (and us) are slowly getting back into the swing of things, we are more than excited to talk about the event.

This year boasted even more numbers, proving that every year, BitSummit grows to even higher heights. This year, we were in a bigger hall, with more indies and even more excitement. This two-day event brought hundreds of fans to the Playism booths, filled with enthusiasm and great comments. We were happy to have met everyone who came to say hello.

This year, we had some amazing games take the stage during the awards ceremony.


Vermilion Gate Award

Awarded to the best game in show.

Earth Atlantis by Pixel Perfex

Earth Atlantis is a side-scrolling shooter with an original “Monster-Hunting” gameplay. The game also has an unique visual style.

Your mission is to search and hunt down large-scale enemies.
You can also upgrade and unlock new ships with special weapons and abilities.

Website: pixel-perfex.com

Popular Selection Award

Awarded to the title chosen by the audience.

Research And Destroy by Implausible Industries

Use the power of Science to send monsters packing in high-speed turn-based battles!
Wipe that supernatural smirk off the face of the Earth with global strategy!
Got any friends? Grab up to three of them and do it together!
Punch poltergeist, maim mummies, whip werewolves, and generally force Evil to have a sit down and reconsider everything it’s done with its life.
Overwhelmed? Don’t worry: this ain’t rocket surgery, it’s RESEARCH AND DESTROY!

Website: implausibleindustries.com/research-and-destroy


International Award

Awarded to the best title from outside of Japan.

Asura by Ogre Head Studio

Sacrificed to the Gods by the holy men, a demonic being known as Asura embarks on a journey for
vengeance and retribution.

Asura is an indie, top-down, Hack ‘n’ Slash game set in a fantasy world inspired by the richness of Indian mythology. It features heavy rogue-like elements and a unique procedural skill tree which changes on every play-through

You take on the role of a demon incarnate and infiltrate the fortress of the Daeva empire. Conjure excellent skills at your disposal from the ever changing Shastra tree and wield mighty weapons and armor to obliterate your formidable foes in the randomly generated fortress.

Be wary! If you fall in the battle, then you will need to commence your journey all over again!

Website: www.asurathegame.com

Excellent In-game Design Award

Sweep It! by Omoplata Games

The protagonist Bepp is a sweeper.
He sweeps the streets polluted with monsters called “POLLUTANTS”.
Bepp confronts the monsters with variety of cleaning tools and with help of fellow.

Sweep It! is Turn-Based Puzzle Platformer game.
As the player moves one step, the game time forwards one step.
As the game time rewinds one step, the player reverses the movement one step.

Website: www.omoplatagames.net

Excellent In-sound Award

Light It ~Terashi-oni~ by QUESTRO

Light creatures and stop them. ‘Light It ~ terashi-oni ~’ is a 2D stealth action game with a game element of ‘Red light Green light’. Light enemies with a flashlight and explore a dark island. Furthermore, you can make your original levels.

Website: questro.jp


Visual Excellent Award

Ame no Furuhoshi by Tokoronyori

A planet covered with a polluted atmosphere that only has machines already, the multi-legged tank keeps walking only on rainy days when visibility is clear.

Website: tokoronyori.hatenablog.com

Innovative Outlaw Award

Awarded to the best title from outside of Japan.

People Panic! by Coconoe Inc.

Using the paper template, create your UFO. Attach your spacecraft to the rod and hold it over the screen. Start to capture as many people as you can before time runs out.

Website: 9ye.jp/works/ppp


IGN Japan Award

Owlboy by D-Pad Studio

Explore a vibrantly crafted pixel world in this flying adventure platformer.
Being a mute, Otus struggles living up to the expectations of owl-hood. Things spiral from bad to worse with the sudden appearance of sky pirates.
What follows is a journey through monster infested ruins, with unexpected encounters, and burdens no one should have to bear.

Website: www.owlboygame.com

Gadget Tsuushin Award

Doukutushima by SmileBoom

Doukutsujima is a 2D exploratory action game developed by one of SmileBASIC enthusiasts. The developer is a father and weekend programmer, working with his son as producer to create this new retro-style action RPG. The game won the grand prize in the free category of the 4th Petit Computer Ogiri, a programming contest hosted by SmileBoom.

Website: smileboom.com/doukutsujima

Game*Spark Award

Merkava Avalanche by Winter Crown WORKS

An action game that the knight-robot plays an important role.
Its concept is the survival and high-speed battle in a huge battling field.
Check out its unique camerawork and an impressive robot battle.

Website: winter-crown-works.com/merkava

Dengeki Playstation Award

GNOSIA by Petit Depotto

“GNOSIA” is the werewolf game which its stage is the SF world. One play lasts for about 15 minutes, and we you finish each turn, the main character and each character’s role and the story changes.

In the discussion part where you discuss who the GNOSIA is, each character including the main one doubts each other, dispels the doubts, and vote for who they think the most doubtful. The one who got the most vote will be cold-slept.

In a subsequent moving part, you can talk with each character inside the ship. You can make use of this time in many ways, such as making other character believe in you or going to talk with the character who you suspects the most.

Website: d-mebius.com/gnosias

Famitsu Award

Paper Garden by Vitei Backroom

Paper Garden places you in a desolate world overrun by an ancient blight. Your aim is to rejuvenate the land by befriending the native paper planes and using them to break down the mysterious monoliths responsible for the decay.

Website: www.viteibackroom.com


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