2064: Read Only Memories Out Now On Playism!

We are really happy to announce that 2064: Read Only Memories is out now on Playism!

Grab it now! 

What is 2064: Read Only Memories?

Through their work on GaymerX and Gaming In Color, several members of MidBoss (the developers) felt inspired to answer to the challenge and make a game on their own. 2064: Read Only Memories is the result of our eagerness to highlight that it is possible and easy to celebrate diversity in a realistic way that is also a fun, deep game. There are many unheard voices in video games that are seeking diverse stories that are relatable, so instead of waiting for AAA companies to crusade for progressive themes in their games, MidBoss decided to form a team and make the kind of game that we want to see. We all believe it is important for games to feature queer and diverse characters and themes in a positive way.
Through 2064: Read Only Memories, we explore how these topics can be handled in a way that doesn’t override the core goal of making a game fun, interesting, and engaging. These elements were a perfect fit to include in an adventure game, and we believe we have been successful in revitalizing the classic point-and-click genre through a progressive modern viewpoint.

Check out 2064: Read Only Memories on Playism now! 

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