1bitHeart Out Now!

Make friends in 1bitHeart! Out now on Steam / Playism

This story is of a world where nearly everything is run by programs. Nanashi, a boy who never leaves his room, encounters a mysterious girl.

“Let’s make some friends”

Nanashi agrees to her sudden request, without thinking it over.

At that time, a strange incident occurs in town…


1bitHeart is currently 10% off during it’s launch sale!


Grab it on Playism and Steam.


We have also released 1bitHeart’s soundtrack which features new arrangements of the Opening Theme “1bitHeart” as well as the opening song from “1beatHeart”, a new game released by Miwashiba today (currently only in Japanese).
After enjoying the game on Steam, we hope that you will also enjoy the OST!



Release Gift!

To commemorate the release of 1bitHeart, we have also released a special image from Miwashiba featuring the main characters of 1bitHeart, LiEat and Alicemare!
If you own any of the games, you will be able to find it inside the local files of your game on Steam!


1bitHeart will also be on show at PAX West this year on the Playism booth at #6120! We will be giving away special postcards designed by Miwashiba!

Learn more and find us at PAX West!

Get 1bitHeart during it’s launch sale on Playism and Steam.




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