1bitHeart: Meet the Main Characters

1bitHeart, the exciting latest work from △〇☐× (Miwashiba), is coming soon to  Playism and Steam!

The game has over 50 different characters that you can befriend in-game. Each with their own fascinating story, unique personalities and stunning graphics.
Today, we are introducing the main characters of 1bitHeart and their Bit Phones!


What’s a Bit Phone?

A Bit Phone is a device everyone has in the game. It has a large variety of functions.


Let’s Meet The Main Characters!


Voice: Minx
Full Name: Yoshi Nanase
A kind and idealistic youth who never leaves his room.
Has the ability to see the world in numerical values.



Voice: Seika Hibiki
Full Name: Misane Mikoto
A mysterious girl who appears before Nanashi.
She seems calm, but she’s fairly clumsy.



Voice: Tousayu
Full Name: Mikado Aisaka
Nanashi’s cousin. Has a habit of writing notes on his body.
He created the current Master Program.



Voice: Ryota Kashiwazaki
Full Name: Natsukage Suoh
A boy with a constant sour mood.
His clothes are always sopping wet.



Voice: Chitose Seto
Full Name: Miumi Miclairno Mizuki
A bright and cheerful albino girl.
Still studying Japanese, so she speaks awkwardly.



Voice: Hazuki Touya
Full Name: Akitaka Kujoh
A boy who devotes his energy to fighting and sleep.
Seems to be part of a band.



Voice: Amimi Onishi
Full Name: Haruya Nasuki
A boy who helps out at his parents’ flower shop.
Polite to everyone, he never forgets to smile.



Voice: Miyako Ohno
Full Name (?): Aira Tachibana
An android with a heart.
Like her creators, she’s a little zealous.



Voice: Johnny Jones & Ryokucha
A Pomeranian and Shiba Inu mix.
Talks with the voice-conversion function of a BitPhone.
There’s also a girl with the same name…?



1bitHeart is coming this month to Playism and Steam! Add it to your wishlists now!

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