1bitHeart: Meet the Characters Set 5

1bitHeart will be releasing on Steam and Playism on August 28th!

Check out our full announcement in our previous post.

Today we are going to be introducing the fifth set of characters from the game!

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1bitHeart Characters



Voice: Kyosuke Sera
Full Name: Aizen Asuto
Akitaka’s friend. Plays bass and love Larikkuma.



Voice: Akira Shimomura
Full Name: Kumashiro Enri
Ashitaka’s friend. Plays drums. Always lacking energy.



Voice: Ao Kuranami
Full Name: Kujoh Azusa
Akitaka’s older sister. Eats a lot, but is worried about her weight lately.



Voice: shun
Full Name: Chigaya Jin
A young man who spends a lot of time in arcades. He has considerable talent, wasted time, and money.



Voice: Komako Akechi
Full Name: Mekami Hiyu
A girl who loves programming. She’s an expert at removing bugs and viruses.



Voice: Hanehitsuji
Full Name: Oui Yuuto
A reporter. Unfamiliar with the town, and sleep-deprived.



Voice: Full-Go-Ri
Full Name: Kujoh Ryuuri
Akitaka’s older brother. Leader of a gang, but has a hard time waking up.



Voice: IN9
Full Name: Akanagi Kirara
An upbeat girl. She uses such unusual words, it’s like, nonsense, f’real.


1bitHeart is coming August 28th to Playism and Steam! Add it to your wishlists now!

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