1bitHeart: Meet the Characters Set 4

The release date for 1bitHeart is approaching! Make sure you stay tuned for the release date announcement!
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Today we are going to be introducing the fourth set of characters from the game!

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1bitHeart Characters



Voice: Koka Nanbara
Full Name: Sakuse Sagara
A girl helping at a cake shop. Nonchalantly says lots of teen-cool things.


Voice: Riko Itetsuku
Full Name: Kanou Meu
A woman running a general store. Her occupation’s fortune-telling, but she’s only right 20% of the time.


Voice: Nao Shigure
Full Name: Nasuga Izuchi
A young man, self-described genius. Looks down on others, speaking from on high.


Voice: Kotoichi
Full Name: Yukisuzu Saaya
Yandere. Wishes to be loved, and seeks someone to love her.


Voice: Ru Aoyagi
Full Name: Seno Mary
A girl working as a pop idol. Has a strange air around her. Her stomach’s always been weak.


Voice: Minase Omiyami
Full Name: Myoujou Meru
A woman working at an accessory shop. Always fighting a losing battle with drowsiness.


Voice: Syun Akino
Full Name: Kogure Hitohito
A young man working at a pet cafe. So energetic, it’s hard to tell what he’s saying sometimes.


1bitHeart is coming this month to Playism and Steam! Add it to your wishlists now!

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